Questions about Curation

And answers

Can everybody become a curator?

Eventually, every member can become a curator on EarthToday and share news, knowlegde and wisdom to inform, inspire, educate and entertain. However, at this moment only validated members have access to these services. We will inform you as soon as we will invite more members to join.

What is curation?

The process of sifting through the sea of information available on the internet, selecting what you think is important to save or share and adding context to that information. Like folders and files on your computer. Highlighting the good stuff, connecting information and building knowledge.

What is curated content?

Curated content is any piece of online information that a community member, or curator, has hand-picked from the Internet and added to They also add some context as to why they think it’s important to save or share. This can be a video, an article, a song, a tweet - you name it! The idea is to broaden perspectives and to deepen understanding of the world we live in. To inform, inspire, educate and entertain.

What is a curator?

A curator fills their profile with content, hand-picked from the internet, that they find important to save or share with other community members. They offer their perspective and add their unique flair to the sea of information available on the internet. Every member on can be a curator. Nature protection organizations, brands and you too! We also invite charity organizations and impact companies to present themselves and share content about the context and the work of their organization. Their contribution is a valuable way to inform us on different social or environmental topics and create more awareness on the state of our planet.

Why is curation important?

All the world’s information is online. We’re connected in real-time to an endless content offering that is both largely unverified and massively fragmented. Curation helps to filter this information.

Why is human curation important?

We’ve all seen The Social Dilemma, and it’s scary. We’ve gone from humans teaching computer algorithms how we behave, to computer algorithms becoming so powerful that they now shape our reality and behavior, while serving the interests of those who benefit from that. We think it’s important to bring back the human touch. Humans are uniquely positioned to add levels of meaning to information and to create deeper levels of connection and understanding. On, the community decides which content is worthy of our attention, not computers or institutions.

How is content categorized on

Content on is categorized into six themes namely People, Creation, World, Nature, Keys and Spirit. These categories are rooted in 24 Global Goals, inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the UN for 2030 and the partly overlapping 16 Principles of the Earth Charter. All of these categories have their own color and symbol that you can see in the top left corner of every card. The categories also have their own channel. So if you feel like reading up on People related content, simply click the red heart shaped symbol in the upper navigation bar on

What is the People category?

The People category covers stories about human life and wellbeing. Revolving around psychology, offering new perspectives and insights on ourselves and the society we live in. Opening up about relationships and intimacy, friendships and communities. Stories about inspiring people going against the status quo. Standing up for justice, inclusion, diversity and human rights.

What is the Creation category?

The Creation category is all about art and self expression. Giving you different approaches to human creativity. From poetry, crafts and architecture to rituals and culture. About how creativity can be used to tackle issues in society or to give people a voice by using shape and form. And about all that 'creates' and represents different cultures and identities through the materialization of an idea, a thought or a feeling.

What is the World category?

The World category includes the latest local and international news. About the environment, politics, justice, economics, warzones, business and everything else going on in the world. Giving you multiple perspectives and deepening your knowledge of what’s happening on Earth today. Sometimes it portrays our daily reality and sometimes it offers a new layer to yesterday’s news, bringing you hope for tomorrow.

What is the Nature category?

The Nature channel covers the natural world from top to bottom. Expanding your knowledge of all the wonders of our planet and beyond. Stories on animals, plants, climate change and oceans. Or planets and stars.

What is the Keys category?

The Keys category includes the latest advances in science, innovation and technology that are transforming our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Unlocking new ways to shape the future. AI, smart cities and inventions that leave you in awe. Offering a glimpse into groundbreaking solutions to current and future problems.

What is the Spirit category?

The Spirit category is all about spirituality and mindfulness. From yoga, breathing practices and the benefits of meditation to insights into religion and astrology. Content to enhance your wellbeing and enlighten you on things that may be difficult to grasp, yet challenge your mind, body and soul on a deeper level.

What is a card?

A card is a bookmark to content on the internet. This can be linked to a video, an article, a picture, a location, a Wikipedia page, a Twitter channel or podcast. Basically everything with a URL that a curator wants to share with other community members.

What is a deck?

A deck is a collection of cards on a particular topic, created and maintained by a curator. See it as a folder on your computer. Something the curator is passionate about, or an expert in. Or just a bunch of links to good stuff they found on the web. All cards on are grouped in decks with no more than 52 cards. You can follow decks of other community members to be updated when new cards are added by the curator.

What is the #Today Deck?

The #Today Deck is a group of 52 cards featured on the main page of These cards are selected by our editors, not determined by an algorithm, to show the latest and greatest of what’s happening on Earth today.

What is Save?

You can save any card or deck on to add it to one of your own decks. To read later or complete the selection of cards in your deck. You can personalize this save by writing a comment to add your own value, perspective and interpretation.

What is Share?

Did you find something on that’s just so good, you have to share it? By clicking ‘share’ this information can be made available on other social channels, WhatsApp and email.

What is Star?

Show your appreciation for a card on by giving it a star, a ‘like’ of some sorts. Why can I only follow decks, not people or organizations? Following decks allows us to see topics from different points of view, making previously unseen perspectives and connections between information seen. Surprising us with fresh, broader perspectives, to step outside of our own echo-chambers.